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Greenpeace Philippines Launches Water Patrol Campaign

Greenpeace Philippines has launched a new campaign, which aims to get the government to institute policies that will ensure public access to information on toxic emissions that end up in our water. I will support this campaign as it is … Continue reading

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We Can Bring About Real Change

Here’s a report from that should serve as an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference in this world. This one should be particularly interesting to real advocates of Pasig River’s rehabilitation. Chinese photographer wins RM for … Continue reading

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Pinoy’s Lack of Preparedness To Ensure Inevitability of Another Ondoy

It rained on Metro Manila last Friday and guess what? Yes, many parts of Metro Manila got flooded. And, that happened when rainfall wasn’t even that heavy. Now imagine what would happen if we get hit by another Ondoy. Surely, … Continue reading

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Panawagan Para Sa Aking Mga Kababayan

Subukan ko Tagalugin ang blogpost na ito para tayong mga Pilipino lang ang makaintindi. Una sa lahat, umaasa ako na magpapakahinahon muna ang lahat sa sensitibong panahon na ito. Huwag na sanang dagdagan pa ng ilan sa mga kababayan natin … Continue reading

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Miss Universe Pageant: Good Luck To Venus Raj

A friend of mine who is more experienced with blogging tells me I should capitalize on the Miss Universe pageant. He says there will surely be a spike in searches today for the pageant and, of course, our candidate Venus … Continue reading

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Remember: We Pinoys Helped Ondoy

We Pinoys are very helpful. And we’re habitual litterbugs. Thanks to us Pinoys, Ondoy’s floods almost a year ago were difficult to drain because of garbage clogging our canals and various waterways. With our help Ondoy did more damage to … Continue reading

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“Awareness to Action”: Let’s make sure we don’t stop at awareness this time

Often we hear others say that people have goodness in them by nature. Many believe that an individual would opt to do the right thing when given a choice between right and wrong, or at least, pick whatever he or … Continue reading

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What About Them Manufacturing Plants?

It appears even informal settlers along the banks of Pasig River see the strangeness (actually the inequality) in removing them from their homes while factories and other big company infrastructure are allowed to remain where they are. (report from … Continue reading

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Dengue Threat Will Cease When Esteros Are Cleaned Up

The year’s total of dengue cases in the Philippines so far this middle of August 2010 is a significantly larger number than it was for the same period of last year. In GMA7’s 24 Oras August 19 report, there has … Continue reading

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Whose job is it to care about what happens to Pasig River?

If only Ilog Pasig were like this, our children would have been able to see the river still alive. But it’s not. The real fighting back has to be done by you and me, and everybody who claims to care … Continue reading

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