“By the Banks of the Pasig River” and “Mutya ng Pasig”

Sometimes cold hard facts are not enough to convince some people about certain realities. Perhaps, a little appeal to the emotions may help. So, here goes.

The following is a poem written by Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

By the Banks of the Pasig River
Jose P. Rizal

Come to the banks of Pasig, oh darling of mine,
Come, for the light of the day is about to fade,
Come right now, only for you my banca’s waiting
By the side of the quite bank underneath the leafy bamboo shade.

Come to the banks of Pasig , already the moon
Its silvery disc is peeping at the placid lake;
Come for we’ll go together to Antipolo,
Where I alone your black eyes shall so delightfully contemplate.

Come, come, come oh my heaven,
There by the river
My dulcet desire
I’ll sing to you,
To the soft murmur
Of the riverflow
Your very beautiful brow
With sampaguitas
I will adorn.

And here’s the classic Kundiman “Mutya ng Pasig” composed by Nicanor Abelardo and sung by Conching Rosal.

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