Miss Universe Pageant: Good Luck To Venus Raj

A friend of mine who is more experienced with blogging tells me I should capitalize on the Miss Universe pageant. He says there will surely be a spike in searches today for the pageant and, of course, our candidate Venus Raj.

I’m not sure what he meant when he said I must capitalize on that. I mean this blog is all about Pasig River and related environmental issues. How will I be able to make the keywords Miss Universe Pageant and Bb Pilipinas Universe Venus Raj fit into this blog of mine? Besides, isn’t yesterday’s hostage taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand the more important topic?

Oh well, this blogging thing has been very liberating so far and I’m really glad my niece convinced me to get into it. At the same time though, it’s quite a pain. Much to learn, much to learn.

So, as I’m typing this the Miss Universe Pageant is running in the background. I’m not sure I’m too impressed with the contestants. I’ve always preferred women with women’s bodies not those with physiques like that of teenaged boys. But, what do I know, the standards of beauty changes over time.

Good to hear Venus Raj made it to the Top 10. I hope she wins.

But wait, there’s seems to be some disconcerting news that Raj choked on the question and answer portion. I have no way to verify this since I’m on free TV only.

(UPDATE: Miss Philippines Venus Raj placed fourth in the Miss Universe Pageant. Though not the outcome Filipinos hoped for, I guess it’s good enough. Congratulations Miss Raj. You should be proud of yourself.)

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