Pinoy’s Lack of Preparedness To Ensure Inevitability of Another Ondoy

It rained on Metro Manila last Friday and guess what? Yes, many parts of Metro Manila got flooded. And, that happened when rainfall wasn’t even that heavy.

Now imagine what would happen if we get hit by another Ondoy. Surely, the same devastation we had last year would just happen all over again. And why wouldn’t it? Have we been doing things differently since that great flood of ours? Have we become more conscious and concerned about our environment?

I have been using this blog for about a month now to push for Pasig River’s rehabilitation and I think I am not really making any significant impact. I checked on my statistics and found that two posts of mine that had the keywords “Dingdong Dantes”, “Angel Locsin” and “Venus Raj” were getting the most hits. The rest not so much. The exception was my “Panawagan Sa Aking Mga Kababayan” which was my response to the tension caused by the Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis.

If most of us will remain more concerned about show business stuff then I see no hope of us avoiding another major disaster like what Ondoy caused last year. If we don’t start changing our ways starting with shifting our focus on things more important than showbiz then we can all just start kissing our asses goodbye.

I really can’t understand why we are like this. We don’t seem to know how to anticipate and prepare. What we’re good at is reacting and oftentimes in an over-the-top manner. Perhaps this is the effect of watching too many telenovelas and chismis talk shows.

And that I think is this country’s major, major problem.

Someone sent me a link to a website whose author also feels frustrated about how we can’t seem to get our heads together to prepare instead of just reacting to disasters. Do check it out and find out if you’re the Filipino that blogger is trying to describe.

Here’s the link

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