Pasig River Needs Carlos Celdran

I’ve been hearing a lot of things about a certain Carlos Celdran, who, as some of my friends say, is the best tour guide this side of the planet. My curiosity piqued, I googled him and found that a lot of people look up to him as some sort of crusader.

From the little that I know now, Celdran is not your garden variety tour guide. He is so much more than that. He is also a historian of sorts and a promoter of Filipino pride. I’m not a big fan of this “proud to be Filipino” craze or movement or whatever — I find it rather misplaced and suprficial — however I can respect Celdran’s approach to promoting the idea.

I’ve since learned that Celdran specializes in walking tours in the City of Manila specifically Intramuros. I also learned that he is also into biking and recently organized a bike ride in support of the Department of Tourism.

Sorry for putting you on the spot, but Pasig River really needs your help.

Photo by Nena Wuthrich. Copied from Ramblings From A Gypsy Soul.

Based on the photos I’ve seen of that event, I think I can safely say that Celdran is quite influential, the sort of person I would love to see involved in campaigns for the rehabilitation of Pasig River. After all, the river does run through the City of Manila (his favorite subject matter) and it does have some historical significance (something that I’m sure he can incorporate in his presentations if he hasn’t already).

No sense in being coy about it. This post is an open invitation to Mr. Carlo Celdran to use his influence to raise awareness about the urgent need to clean up and revive Pasig River.

Mr. Celdran, in case you find yourself reading this page, please take some time to read the following blogposts of mine so you’d know exactly what I’m advocating.

Should The Government Remove Factories Along Pasig River?

What About Them Manufacturing Plants?

A reader informed me that the photo was taken by Nena Wuthrich.

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7 Responses to Pasig River Needs Carlos Celdran

  1. carlos celdran says:

    Greetings! It’s Carlos Celdran. Yup. Ain’t the interweb great?

    The message has reached me. No worries about putting me on the spot.

    But what specific things do you think I can do to help you out here? I know that Gina Lopez and her Pasig River foundation are doing tremendous things for the river. They cleaned up a lot of the esteros in Paco already and even put riprap walkways.

    I do include the Pasig river history in my Intramuros Deluxe tours already but maybe you are right, some more attention needs to be given.

    My email is if you want to correspond and throw some ideas around.

    Nice to meet you, Mr. Avenger. :o) Hope to talk to you soon..

    • carlos,

      thanks for replying. you don’t know how excited i am to get your attention. i’ve been googling you all weekend and i’m really impressed with your work.

      i will send you an email shortly.

  2. pedrocantojos says:


    I was in carlos’ Facebook wall and someone who identified herself as Nena Wuthrich says she took that picture. You might want to give her credit.

    Good job on getting Carlos involved.

  3. Mark Ellis says:

    Hello and greetings , great to come across your blog via carlos celdrans . It would be fantastic to bring the Pasig bback to life , and the esteros that feed it too. Nothing lives in islolation . I once read a diary excerpt of an American travelling from Manila to either San Pedro or Sta Rosa on Laguna de Bay via the Pasig river . This trip happened in about 1908 and seemed to be a regular trip . I believe he travelled by steamer and stayed at an hotel on the waterfront upon arrival . I have dreamt of doing somewthing like this after first setting eyes upon the Pasig from the walls of Intramuros way back in 1980 , lol . I’ve travelled on the Chao Phraya in Thailand , The Mekong in Cambodia and I truly believe there’s no valid reason why The Pasig can’t alos be used in this way . Keep up the good work Pasig River Avenger .

  4. Mark Ellis says:

    Profuse apologies for the typo’s in my previous post . I can spell , I just can’t type .

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