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Ideas for Pasig River

How you can help save Pasig River. Stop littering. Practice recycling. Minimize your plastic waste. Support this site. Share it. Subscribe to keep updated. Write and publish your own thoughts about Pasig River, preferably good ones that suggest real solutions … Continue reading

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Remember: We Pinoys Helped Ondoy

We Pinoys are very helpful. And we’re habitual litterbugs. Thanks to us Pinoys, Ondoy’s floods almost a year ago were difficult to drain because of garbage clogging our canals and various waterways. With our help Ondoy did more damage to … Continue reading

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Support Higher Tax On Cigarettes

There’s a move to have the tax on cigarettes increased by a substantial amount. According to news reports, the proposed increase would drive up the price of a cigarette pack to P120. I think the average price now is about … Continue reading

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