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The Truth About Pasig River Fun Runs

There’s going to be another fun run for Pasig River on October 10 and it seems it’s going to be another success for the organizer, ABS-CBN Kapit Bisig. A report on the website lopezlink.ph claims about 90,000 have already pledged … Continue reading

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Saw DingDong Dantes and Angel Locsin endorse a product? Then picture this, people!

Sometimes in order to make sense of very large numbers and fully appreciate certain realities, it helps to come up with some kind of visual equivalent similar to what was done in the documentary movie Super Size Me where there’s … Continue reading

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Pasig River and the bystander effect

When thinking of the very much polluted and technically dead Pasig River, one might be reminded of what is known as the “bystander apathy effect” or simply, the bystander effect. Consider the following excerpts from the Journal of Personality and … Continue reading

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“Tingi” Economy Helped Kill Pasig River With Sachets

Back in the centuries of Spanish rule, Pasig River was an important transport route in Manila. Today, due to societal and government negligence along with industrial activity surrounding Pasig River, it is now so polluted that it is said to … Continue reading

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Should The Government Remove Factories Along Pasig River?

There’s this unresolved question over at Yahoo! Answers, which I would like to answer here in this space. Here’s the question: Should the Philippine government order the removal of manufacturing plants/factories along the Pasig River? It’s pretty obvious government and … Continue reading

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