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Support Carlos Celdran’s Fight Against Damaso

Kudos to Carlos Celdran for raising awareness on the Catholic Church’s unreasonable and dogmatic views on family planning. Last I heard Celdran remains detained in spite of his readiness to post bail. It appears some powerful hand (not likely to … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Philippines Launches Water Patrol Campaign

Greenpeace Philippines has launched a new campaign, which aims to get the government to institute policies that will ensure public access to information on toxic emissions that end up in our water. I will support this campaign as it is … Continue reading

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Remember: We Pinoys Helped Ondoy

We Pinoys are very helpful. And we’re habitual litterbugs. Thanks to us Pinoys, Ondoy’s floods almost a year ago were difficult to drain because of garbage clogging our canals and various waterways. With our help Ondoy did more damage to … Continue reading

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Dengue Threat Will Cease When Esteros Are Cleaned Up

The year’s total of dengue cases in the Philippines so far this middle of August 2010 is a significantly larger number than it was for the same period of last year. In GMA7’s 24 Oras August 19 report, there has … Continue reading

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It’s a small (and filthy) world after all

I’m still trying to learn how blogging works exactly. After setting this site up yesterday, I realized that there’s more to learn about it. For a person my age, technology — or the process of learning it — can really … Continue reading

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