Ideas for Pasig River

How you can help save Pasig River.

  1. Stop littering.
  2. Practice recycling.
  3. Minimize your plastic waste.
  4. Support this site. Share it.
  5. Subscribe to keep updated.
  6. Write and publish your own thoughts about Pasig River, preferably good ones that suggest real solutions to the problem.
  7. Write your favorite politician. Tell him/her about this advocacy. Order him/her to participate and to use his powers to bring about real change.

If you have other ideas tell me about it.

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7 Responses to Ideas for Pasig River

  1. jayvee f. says:

    i heard that there’s a group that takes in volunteer divers to go underwater and do cleaning / sampling. i’m not sure if this is true. are you aware of this?

  2. jayvee f. says:

    correct. what I do know is that that group is part of a bigger initiative. the name escapes me right now. it’s impossible to merely have people go down there and clean up the river. it’s also unhealthy.

  3. marc dolores says:

    Is it possible to bring back the “supot” (bag made of paper) rather than plastic bag?It will be a great help to minimize flooding.

  4. haringlinceo says:

    I just saw one of the projects made by some college students in a morning show called “umagang kayganda”. It’s a machine that filters out oil in water, collecting the oil and returning the water to its source. I think it can also float in water ( if not, then my idea is to turn it into some kind of boat machine). I think this have lots of potential. If we could just modify it to filter the pasig river water (or even purify It) and redesign its body to be more suitable floating in a river,add solar panels to it( so it wouldn’t need to run on gas, for obvious reasons), we might have the solution in our hands.But, then again, we would need a myriad of these filtering machines and a massive budget from the government, which i doubt they’ll give.

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