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  1. Hector L. Esguerra says:

    Saving Pasig river is a long shot endeavor. Solving its problems on pollution, siltation, illegal structures etc. may have many options but I believe that the bottom line agenda here would mainly lie on the President’s commitment and political will to implement various projects under the ‘Save Pasig River Program’ which inevitably requires collaborative efforts among all the LGU’s concerned, more particularly in reviewing and amending their respective Land Use plans with special focus on the sound utilization of lands not only along the influence area of Pasig river but also along the banks other major waterways in Metro Manila and its neighboring provinces and cities..

    • hector,

      yes it is a long-shot endeavor, which is precisely why the government should start planning for it now. at some point it would be hard-pressed to resort to drastic measures anyway so i suppose it would be best to start now than later.

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